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Hello (Future) Campus Party Fan!

Campus Party Europe, the world’s biggest technology festival, is going to full of innovations and presentations from inventors, gamers, scientists and hackers. Our program features 24 subject areas and they’re all filling up with workshops, lectures and competitions.

Just added:


The Motodrone competition with prize money of €20,000 will see unmanned, self-flying robots and drones competing on a special obstacle-filled racecourse

We’ve got a football competition for robots, a showcase of the best in emotionally realistic robots, and guest robots from the RoboGames - the largest robotics competition in the world.


We welcome the world’s first official cyborg as our guest. Neil Harbisson wears a device called a ‘chromatic eye’ in order to overcome his color-blindness and the device is actually part of his passport.

Miguel Luengo shows how to make photos of the development of individual human cells - with the help of 4-dimensional images.


We are proud to host one of the biggest gaming and eSports tournaments in Europe, with more than 200 hours of competitions and total prize pool of $100,000 (€80,000) that will also be streamed online so people from all over the world will be able to tune in and enjoy the live games!


Our Campus Party Weather Balloon workshop will launch balloons into the stratosphere, transmitting back photos from many miles above the Earth. Stuart Clark will be visiting from Great Britain and he’ll talk about how scientists are attempting to move beyond Newton and Einstein and redefine our understanding of gravity.

Experts from the European Southern Observatory will talk about their research with the world´s largest optical telescope – it’s got a mirror of 39.3m diameter. They’re investigating the universe’s black holes, as well as hoping to determine how fast the universe is expanding.


In our hardware area, international experts will talk about the cutting edge of liquid cooling and computer noise reduction. Campuseros can learn their tips and then put them to work during ad hoc night-time modding sessions.

Paulo Coelho Jon 'Maddog' Hall Don Tapscott Kul Wadhwa

Already announced are our big keynote speakers, the brilliant Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, the inventor of HTML and co-founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and Don Tapscott, innovation and business specialist.

New to the lineup are Jon 'Maddog' Hall (Executive Director of Linux International), Rainey Reitman (Activism Director of Electronic Frontier Foundation), Mark Surman (Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation), Kul Wadhwa, Head of Mobile and Business Development for Wikimedia and Daniel Kinzler (Wikipedia).

We're also very happy to welcome the well-known experts like Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard (Robotics), Caroline Drucker (eCommerce), Nicole Simon (Social Media), Christian Heilmann (Development).

There’s so much more to be announced – stay tuned to and our Facebook and Twitter pages for the updates!


Campus Party is the biggest digital entertainment event in the world. It's a six-day technology festival for thousands of hackers, developers, gamers and geeks.

Since 1997, Campus Party has grown into a global community of more than 200,000 young, passionate tech people. In Berlin, they will camp on-site and immerse themselves in a truly unique environment, equipped with computers, learn and promote innovation on nine stages with more than 400 hours of content.

Do you love technology and the latest tech gizmos and inventions? Fancy playing with flying robots and getting to know developers, entrepreneurs and astronauts? Then Campus Party Europe in Berlin from August 21-26 is for you.

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